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I recently ordered some PCBs from JLCPCB and chose FedEx for shipping.
The shipping cost was not very high (about 16$), but after receiving the order they sent me an invoice for customs services for about 48€. The shipment was to Spain.

What is the best option for the transport that charges as little as possible or directly that does not charge customs?

I remember that years ago I placed orders that did not have these costs. I sent the parcels through the postal service because I didn't mind it taking several weeks to save some money.
The problem now is that they don't give that option at JLCPCB.

I'm in the UK and they offered the direct postage rate for me, that was last week but I only ordered 5 boards, no stencil, if I added a stencil the postage shot up.


--- Quote from: Picuino on June 11, 2024, 06:45:40 pm ---[...] after receiving the order they sent me an invoice for customs services for about 48€. The shipment was to Spain.

--- End quote ---

Was that 48€ really only for FedEx's services (putting your package through customs)? That would be a painfully high fee. But I assume that the amount also included the actual import tax, i.e. your 21% VAT, payable on the PCB value plus the shipping cost?

That tax you will have to pay in any case; your only choice is whether you pre-pay it via JLCPCB or post-pay it via the shipping company. The EU has become much more pedantic about actually collecting that money...

What you can avoid is paying the handling fee to FedEx or other shipping companies. If you choose a shipping method that is listed as "DDP", i.e. delivered duty paid, you pre-pay the VAT to JLCPCB and pay not additional fee, or a very small one. Last time I ordered something, JLCPCB offered "DHL Express DDP" (fast and expensive) and Europacket (a bit slower, much cheaper). That was to Germany, and a few months ago. Do you still get those options?

In Latvia they cannot force an individual paying them any fees, there is relatively easy process to do the clearance yourself and pay the tax only. And even as a company you can reject their brokerage service and use other broker or do it yourself, although some couriers charge "document processing fee for that".
As individual you should use IOSS or DDP options that should not result in any fees.

Had this happen recently to Germany too.

Fedex & UPS are known for charging these brokerage fees. It has nothing to do with customs or VAT, merely a massive fee for them filling the paperwork on your behalf, even when none is required. They were doing this long before these new EU VAT rules went into force already and even when the sender supplied all the paperwork already. It is free money for them, so of course they charge it - and after the fact when you can't refuse the delivery anymore. I recall Fedex used to collect this on delivery years ago, now they send you an invoice 2-3 weeks later instead.

OTOH, JLCPCB & esp. LCSC are being a pain the ... too when it comes to shipping because it is not clear which options are going through IOSS and which are not. They used to have it clearly indicated but not anymore for whatever reason.


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