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Hi, :)

I have designed few PCBs and got them fabricated. When I compared my PCBs with other available commercial/industrial Boards, I observed lot of difference in Quality and exposed copper PAD strength. Actually, I have maintained better specifications only for my boards fabrication - 4Layer, FR4, TG170, 0.8mm thickness, 35microns for outer layer, and 17.5micron for inner layers, ENIG finish, Green solder mask. What might be the culprit here for the issue??? Any suggestions/pointers on this will be appreciated.

It would be good if I can get good resources on Key Engg. specs of PCB manufacturing.

Thanks in Advance.

what do you mean by 'strength'.   ? 

Hi @mrpackethead,

Please find reply below for your query:
what do you mean by 'strength'.   ? 

Reply: The actual issue I came across is - As we need to solder wires for external Battery power supply / Data lines on to the exposed Pads on PCB, after soldering, though there is not much strain(by pulling the soldered wire with some force), the soldered wires along with the Pads came off from a couple of PCBs.
I think this will answer your query.

Thanks in advance. 

That's a problem with your design (not using a through hole connection, no strain relief and tie-down). Some fabs may have boards with better copper adhesion but it really doesn't get that much better.

Yes, totally aggree.  Soldering wires to pads is just asking for trouble if you have no other mechancial method of holding them in place.   


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