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I am after a bezel for a 16 x 2 LCD (the stock standard LCDs you can get of eBay etc). The bezel I am looking for is something along the line of the one shown in this thread (reply #7):


I have found some that seem to be the right size but they are overseas and of course postage is really high for what might be the wrong one. I can't for the life of me work out the Digikey sizes.

They are for a final (4th) year electrical engineering project and I am after a couple (2 - 3) of them initially so I can try out some different layouts.

Does anyone know where I can get some in Australia - I have tried Jaycar, Altronics & Rockby Element14 have some that *might* be the right size but they are $20 - $30 which seems a bit high.

 I totally share your frustration, in the end I gave up and used an enclosure with a window as I couldn't find anything that looked decent in Australia.

As I needed quite a few the unit cost came down but at least you get an enclosure for the price of just a bezel
I used a winstar oled  not a lcd, but that should work too http://www.winstar.com.tw/products_detail_ov.php?lang=en&ProID=272.

The finished project is at http://www.yetihacks.com/2013/03/the-arduino-motherboard.html

hope this helps.

It would be good to go to something like the case you have selected in the long term but in the short term anything that looks half decent would be sufficient. The oled you used is the same dimensions as the lcd so it is a possibility but once again the one off cost is expensive when postage is factored in.

On your site under the arduino "bundy" clock you seem to have a bezel that is similar to the one I am after - do you recall where you obtained it from?


Sorry this isn,t going to help you much

I picked up one of these http://www.jaycar.com.au/productView.asp?ID=QP5588 in a seconds bin stripped out the led a hacked It to fit for the prototype . Try eBay you maybe able to do the same but it is hit and miss without being able to examine it for suitability first


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