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Lettering that looks like HRX on the inner layer of a 2 layer PCB

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Kim Christensen:
Got some PCBs from JLCPCB. Everything seems to be OK and they appear perfectly functional. But I noticed there appears to be some lettering on the inner layer of the PCB. (I think that when you order a 2 layer PCB, you are actually getting a 4 layer one but with two copper outer layers)
Maybe it's a logo from the PCB stock that they use, but I've never noticed it before. PCB on the left doesn't have it, but in the other two I can see something that looks like "hrx"
Anyone else seen this before?

Quite common, Kingboard substrate has KB marking all over for example.


Kim Christensen:
Thanks. That makes sense now.
It being on the inner layer, but not the outer layer, kind of confused me. I guess they are always flipped around so the logo is not on the surface where you'd see it. ( remember seeing logos on blank single sided PCBs back in the day )

Your problem is not covering every open area with ground plane. :)



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