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Hello Guys, I like the boards Dave gets made and I think I can remember that he has mentioned his board house before.  Does anyone know what he uses?  I am trying to stay away from ITead from the few mess ups I have seen from people.  I am looking for a place that will gold plate it.  I have not found of a lot of houses doing this.  I would like the gold platting for the high speed connectors in a not so clean environment. 

I've personally had no trouble at all with ITead, and you really can't go wrong for the price.

PCBCart.com will do gold fingers and gold finishes, and I can recommend them highly for any board with requirements outside of Seeed, ITead, or DorkbotPDX's parameters.

Thanks Joelby.  I may give ITead a try.  The other problem is I don't need 10 boards, but for the price I'll just toss the other ones on the shelf.  I'll have a look at the other companies you listed and see if they meet my req's.

Exactly. For a delivered price of under $20, you can afford to throw most of them away. If there genuinely are manufacturing problems with your boards, they'll probably replace them.

You might even consider doing a few prototype spins through a lower cost provider. Once you're happy that the design is correct, get a more expensive PCB house to do one with gold.

www.ourpcb.com are also quite good.
But im pretty sure ITead will be cheaper for only a few boards.


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