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Looking for a turnkey PCB assembly service

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War Lord:
This is my first post but been lurking and watching Dave's videos for a while :)

As the title states, I have a design of a microprocessor controlled changeover and I'm looking for a good turnkey service that won't cost me all the electronics in Japan ;)

I would prefer a Chinese/Hong Kong based dealer because they're cheaper?

cheers guys :)


We have EMS manufacturer in India that can handle low/medium volume business. The manufacturer is more than 30 years old companyand we have been using there services for last 10 years. We are based in US. If you can let me know more about what you are looking for, we can probably help here.


Arvind Patil
201 331 8338

AND please change your profile so that we know where you are.

Profile as in how?? :-//

Near top of page - 3 across from 'HOME' is profile,click, then --> 'forum profile' , click, then location, please select your country


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