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Looking for dry film silkscreen and soldermask


Flávio V:
I am looking for any colour(white, black, etc) of dry film silkscreen...

It should be inside europe(no taxes) and from reputable dealer..

The reasons i am looking for it is because it is easier to use for DIY producing compared to the liquid ****(or maybe it is because something is not that good) which is being used for now in my college(or school for american equivalent) and they are looking for the dry film silkscreen so well...hehehehehehehe...in December i "got" then to buy .5x10m of green dry film solder mask...

And i am also looking for dry film soldermask that is not green for cosmetic reasons...

Have you heard of a strange things called EBAY?

Flávio V:
The films aren't for me, they are for a college so they aren't going to buy from ebay....

If you want to buy on behalf of a college, then I think you may contact with manufacturer/authorized distributor directly. Google for local distributors of 3M, Henkel, DuPont, MG Chemicals. Most companies, even if they do high volume only will do an exception for educational institutions.

And don't tell me that you don't have distributors in Portugal. If we have a bunch of them in Poland, then most definitely they can be found everywhere including North Pole and J.Verne's Mysterious Island  O0


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