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Looking for recommendations for SZ/HK assembly house

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They should have send you the goods with a zero tax invoice from Spain. Triangulation occurs when there is only one transport and therefore goods don't go through the country of the importer/exporter. That doesn't seem to be the case if the goods go from Spain to the UK and from the UK back to Spain. One transport for the import and one transport for the export. http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/manuals/vatposgmanual/vatposg3830.htm

BTW it is possible to reclaim the VAT from Spain (or any EU country) if you pay VAT (for example buy something for your company in a shop). However it is a painfull process and your type of company should have some resemblance with the type of goods you want to reclaim VAT for.

That sounds right now... It was a Kawasaki robot being bought from Japan. I wanted it shipped directly from Japan to me in the UK and then I would ship it to Spain. In the end it had to be shipped to Spain, imported to the UK and then exported back to Spain.

I recall lots of false paperwork being generated...

Mike, did you ever do this? I could be in a similar situation soon and PCBA reviews seem to be scarce on the net.

Yes- going ahead about now. For safety (hopefully) we're using a UK based company, Corintech, who have an office with an English guy in HK. One reason was that we also needed some cable assemblies sourcing.
Cost was a little higher than a Chinese place I contacted direct via a recommendation.
Things looking OK so far, a few minor issues like the first PCB sample omitting some ratbite holes as I'd put tracks across them for on-panel testing.
Fingers crossed....


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