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Low Volume Assembly Houses in Australia?

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Mike Warren:
Can anyone suggest a company that's economical for small jobs in Australia. Batch sizes would usually only be 100 or so. Mostly SM, but nothing too fine. 0805 and low pin count TQFP and SOIC. Sockets are through hole.

I don't mind going overseas as long as the company has good communication.

The attached pictures show a couple of typical jobs.

Do you have a target price in mind?  Are you wanting to supply parts?

Mike Warren:

--- Quote from: 8086 on May 12, 2013, 11:01:52 pm ---I run a business in the UK specializing in short run PCB assembly - runs of 50-200 are the usual order size I receive.

--- End quote ---

I've read your thread here. The other side of the world may not be practical, especially if I need to send you the components, but I'll keep it in mind.

Mike Warren:

--- Quote from: David_AVD on May 12, 2013, 11:06:48 pm ---Do you have a target price in mind? 
--- End quote ---

Certainly a price range, but these are always very price sensitive. I'll often end up doing small batches myself. The pictures in my first post are previous projects and just representative.

--- Quote ---Are you wanting to supply parts?

--- End quote ---

I don't mind either way. Whatever works out most economical.

It might be worth giving Electro Cad in Adelaide a call - (08) 8260 8999. I am not sure about pricing, but I can tell you the work they do there is top-notch (I once worked for them developing some interfacing software).


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