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Anyone have a recommendation on where to go to get 20 or so boards printed?
I'm actually a student studying electronics and I want to build a project for some friends.  This will be my first time doing something like this, my design is simply 6 timers that count down from 5 minutes with 7 segment display or something similar.  I'd like to keep the production cost less than $20 each if possible.  Any advice would be fantastic!


You can try http://iteadstudio.com/.

They do a reasonable job at a very good price.

20x  40x80mm  boards from pcbcart cost US$115 according to their quoting system.
Shipping will push it up to ~$160 though.

There's also Seeed Studio: http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/fusion-pcb-service-p-835.html?cPath=185

They have a somewhat more flexible set of options for ordering (all on one page). Pretty much the same service and pricing as Itead.

I have the impression that iTead and Seeed are using the same PCB manufacturer behind the scenes, so you can choose one or the other and will get the same quality.

From order to delivery you'll have to count about three weeks (1 week for production and up to two weeks for the shipment). My last order was sent on January 6, was shipped on the 13th, arrived at the border on the 19th, waited in customs for a week and was at my house on the 26th.

These services have made hand-made PCBs for me irrelevant. The quality is excellent and the price is low. If you need it faster you can pay for faster shipping.


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