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I have a project I'm working on where i need to keep my pcb size to an absolute minimum, so am considering a via-in-pad approach. Does anyone know of a prototyping board house that can handle filled mechanical vias, or ideally microvias?

Any rough ideas how much microvias will bump up the board cost on a 4 or 6 layer pcb?

Where abouts in the world are you?


I'm in the UK

I have used Newbury Electronics in the past. They operate a site called www.pcbtrain.co.uk . I don't know if they offer microvias on the PCB train service but I know they do if you approach them directly.

The PCB train service entails is a particular run of PCBs types on a particular day. So for instance they might make double sided boards on Mon, Wed and Fri, with other types of PCB the other days. They take the number of PCBs you want and then pattern them with other peoples boards to make the most efficient use of PCB platter as they can. This means that you several different people share the setup costs of the PCB so reducing overheads.




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