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Minimum via size for seeed/itead

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I wonder if anyone has tried really small vias with success from seeedstudio or iteadstudio?

They specify 0.8mm finish hole, 0.3mm drill hole, but 0.8mm is pretty large for my current space-limited project.

Anyone tried under 0.8mm with success? Ta.


--- Quote from: 8086 on March 02, 2014, 03:48:12 pm ---Anyone tried under 0.8mm with success? Ta.

--- End quote ---

Yes. I was wondering about the same a while ago and checked their eagle design rule file. I don't remember what was in there, but it was smaller than the drill size quoted in their table. I'm not sure whether I got lucky or not, but I used these figures, they didn't complain and the boards were flawless.


Edit: This was seeeed.

Thanks, I just downloaded the eagle design rules and had a look.

Seems like you can go down to 12mil hole (0.31mm) and 24mil overall diameter (0.61mm). Better than 0.8mm hole thats for sure!

I have always used 0.3/0.6mm vias with itead and seed without problems.

So I have ordered some boards with lots of 0.62mm diameter vias with 0.32mm hole size from seeed. When they arrive I'll see if they actually work.


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