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I know you need a tool to extract pins from Molex connectors, but do you need a special tool to push them in? I'm trying and it's not clicking in.

Molex makes a lot of connectors. I did it without a tool for Molex MicroFit. Pay attention, they do have proper orientation even if it does not look like it. They will not click one way, but will do if you rotate them 90 degrees.

If the crimps on the pins are not well done it can be a bear to get the pins inserted into the housing. In my experience, the most trouble prone area is the very back of the pin where the insulated part of the wire is crimped. The cheap crimping tools tend to squash that area rather than crimp it.

For personal projects I usually just take a pair of needle nose and reshape the deformed part of the crimp so it will fit in the housing.

They are Molex connectors similar to what is used in PC power supplies. I can't get a pin to click in no matter what I do. Thanks for the replies, I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Maybe they need the tool to push them in.

Are the pins you're using correct for the housing?


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