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phil from seattle:
I've been a steady customer of Mouser for almost 20 years. They have always given me excellent service and fast shipping (<24 hrs from order, often same day). And, their parametric search has been the gold standard for me.

Lately I have seen a real decline in their service. They made some changes to their web site and parametric searches seem to be flakey/unreliable.  Clicking on a major category link often gets me "no results".  Huh, you don't have any linear regulators??? Just now I tried Products/Semiconductors/Integrated Circuits - ICs and got a "403 Access Denied". This has been going on for at least a month now.

The recent storm in Texas has really pushed them over the edge. They notified me that they shipped an order but FedEx didn't pick up until 2 days later.  OK, I get that FexEd was whacked by the great Texas snowstorm but when I got the package, it was not my order.  Some guy in Germany didn't get a couple of Seeed Studio displays and my 25 Magjacks were no where to be seen. Hope he can do something with my Magjacks. You can't blame that on the delivery company - it had the correct packing list.  So what started out a 4 day delivery turned into 9 or 10. And I'm now about to be out of Magjacks for my product (I sell them as part of an upgrade kit). I will be stocking larger numbers of parts just to avoid this in the future - probably to create a 30 day buffer. I have been targeting a week, not a good idea in hindsight.

They said they are making my order right but this leads me to wonder what has happened to cause Mouser to slip so badly. I'll give them another chance but will also consider my options. I will probably order more from Digikey and LCSC and not rely so much on Mouser.   

I'm not experiencing any problems. I placed an order on 14th Feb and expected delays. It arrived yesterday following a number of emails explaining the delays and the free shipping upgrade I always manage to get.

Well, my last order took them 5 or 6 days at their warehouse...

Their local office did nor reply to my emails... so maybe you're right.


I had a delay in an order but got it OK, you sound like the unlucky one where someone just slipped up in packing. Beleive it or not I am happier getting stuff from mouser than either RS or Farnell in the UK. RS is a 40 minute drive from me!!!

RS don't allow me to filter out what is not in stock and to trawl through 100 listings of the same passive part trying to find the 10 that they have stock of is not a good use of my employers money. Farnell on the other hand will allow you to filter out what is not in stock but the data is 2 hours old so the first you know about it is after you have placed the order. To cancel items will be a nightmare with accounts as I need to get someone to amend the order having contacted Farnell. For a few quid's worth of parts this is again not worth my employers money as I already have the workload of 2 people. Farnell are also very prone to errors in their listings which means that the parametric search results need investigating thoroughly before I use the part - by which time remaining stock could have been sold.

Mouser on the other hand always have plenty of stock. I have never had an issue with something not being available after I ordered based on available stock. their search is indeed good although lately a bit slow and whatever they are using for it there is no clue that they are "working on it" the page just does nothing until the results update which with the delay can cause issues as I may try to select the same thing again and mess it up. But overall I am happy with them and often tell my boss that it is easier to get parts from Texas USA than it is Corby or Leeds UK. Their prices are also generally good.

My last two Mouser orders have taken a week to pack and ship, compared to them normally shipping my orders the same or next day up till as recently as a month ago.  I am sure that there are real issues going on that are causing this (peak demand because of CNY, COVID safety, bad weather).

I've not seen any web site issues, but certainly IT staff working remotely will be slower to respond to issues, and staffing a busy warehouse must be a nightmare right now even when a lot of the processing is largely automated.

I haven't ordered from Digikey recently, but I saw mention that they are also are having shipping delays.  Their website currently says "Your order may take 1-3 days to ship due to peak order volumes combined with ensuring the health and safety of team members due to COVID-19."

Local shipments from RS & Element14 here in Australia have not really been affected, but stuff they have to bring from O/S has been taking a few days longer than normal.


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