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My way to professional prototype at home.

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Just want to show my way of making a professional looking PCBs at home. This is faster and cheaper for small quantities than any manufacturer and satisfaction is priceless .

Hope you like it (:

Here is a design video:

And here production:

I have just developed through hole copper plating and tin plating so I will post more videos later.

I have never seen anyone do a solder mask at home...very neat and very nice job.

I wish my hacksaw moved that quick.


I didn't catch from the video how you got each side of the board to line up?

as in the intro there are missing parts, because I did not want to wait while copying full SD card, but stay tuned for more videos on my channel

after exposure one layer i drill three 0.4mm holes in vias far from each other so placing a second mask is easy, misalignment is less than 0.1mm

with through hole copper plating, drilling is first step so there will be no problem to align photomasks,


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