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Need to find switch manufacturer in China

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I am working on a project with a board that will be assembled in China by PCBWay, and am having a HUGE problem finding a switch for it.
I have found switches such as the CHZJLG LG-15H, or the 1208B-YD, but need to get the manufacturer's data sheet so I can make the holes in the PCB match the switch.  This is a link to the type switch I am looking for:

Of course, aliexpress doesn't give you any info on the manufacturer.
Also, one outfit that seemed to make these (China Jialong Electronics) seems to have gone out of business at calonsw.com, lots of dead links to them.
Does anybody know a good link for this type switch?  These are push-on/push-off type switches, like are used in flashlights.
Some other makers are ELEABC, Kasuki  and SHGAOHE.
We are going to need about 2500 units/year.
Thanks much for any pointers!

Look around on LCSC:
The manufacturers info is available.


If the datasheet is not already on LCSC as mentioned, I'm sure its on alibaba or the supplier will provide it to you.

Try Global Sources. I have used that site to find suppliers for a few different things and got what I ordered and at a reasonable price.
Just put in an order for a few different switches today, so hopefully all goes well.

I didn't find the manufacturer, but found a seller with drawings on their product page.



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