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Has anyone used or even have the new neoden4 pick and place machine?

Looks like a reasonable pick and place for the 7.5K. But bad software can make it a expensive paperweight.

I have the liteplacer pick and place and it actually works quite good but no feeders is becoming a problem.

I will get a chance to use one within a few weeks and will report back with how well it works(or doesn't!).

Neoden has sent met the training videos. That software release looks quite basic and not as refined as you would expect from a 10k device.
Would be best if it was open source but I do not think that will happen.

While the vision operators are a bit better than the ones on the liteplacer. The UI of the liteplacer is better so is the assigment from csv to pnp feeder is better.

I expect to be there when one is unpacked on Friday.


Be interested to see what people discover...


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