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Hey all, I'm getting ready to order some boards from NextPCB so I wanted to do some DFM testing.

NextPCB offers a DFM analysis tool called HQDFM (https://www.nextpcb.com/dfm), but it's very slow on my small 4-layer board. (It takes several hours to do a single analysis, and sometimes hangs forever.)

I noticed that hqpcb.com (NextPCB's counterpart that serves the Chinese domestic market) offers a newer version of HQDFM with a lot more features, but I haven't been able to use it because it requires a Chinese phone number to sign up. (I contacted NextPCB's support and they said that the newer HQDFM version is only for Chinese customers. I tried signing up with a temporary Chinese phone number, but couldn't receive the SMS verification code.)

Has anyone successfully used either the Chinese or non-Chinese version of HQDFM?


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