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Opinions: Is this a marketable product? Manual SMD feeders.

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For small one-offs, prototypes, hobbyists, etc., there is always hand SMD assembly to do. I had a project where I had about 60 different components and 400+ pieces and it wasn't worth stripping down a machine setup for production to do this prototype. I went in search of hand/manual assembly solutions, nothing great existed that I could find. One of the biggest issues were the "feeders" or lack thereof. I then fired up Fusion and designed a couple different types.

The smaller type is good for passives on 8mm tape. The larger was designed specifically for can caps on 16mm tape, but will work with smaller tape/components easily. 

I thought about selling them on Amazon, but I'm not sure if there would be much demand. Opinions?

The other version, can't figure out how to put multiple pics in one post  :-//

I find it useful for small labs as it would allow to have common components ordered

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Your idea is good, these exist for small components:

I think lots of people would find them useful, as others point out there are multiple models of tape holder, dispenser and feeder out there on thingyverse orin Hackaday articles but there is probably always room for a physical pre/well printed product, plus a commercial one can take on user feedback and improve while thingyverse models get endlessly copied and tweaked into a linux like baffling array of undocumented variations.


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