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Hi, I am making a battery powered "benchtop" power supply and it has two binding posts. 
I would like to paint a red and black ring on each of these two binding posts. Se picture below.

My problem is that I haven't found a type of paint that stick well to these stainless steel binding posts.
I have tried with acrylic paint, but does come off if i scratches it with my nail. I have also tried a few types of tape, but that's not any better.

Do you have any suggestions to a type of paint that would be well suited to this application? 

More info on the project can be found here: https://github.com/Blue-Smoke-Electronics/Ember/wiki

You could try nail polish. I use it for marking metric and imperial spanners. Not sure if black is a standard nail polish colour though. You could ask a passing Goth I suppose.

Heatshrink is another option

teeny tiny nerd pots of enamel paint

If you are adventuresome, there are several YT and DIY posts on "anodizing" (i.e., coloring) stainless steel.


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