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I am searching for PC software for CSM84VZ. After searching in internet I was able to find its name: CSM Toolbox.

Does anyone know where I can find this software?

I wrote my own converter program for my CSM84 (without vision).  From the manual, there was a whole other layer of configuration for the vision system.
My way to do things was to create a placement file from my CAM software, and a part definition file, and my converter took the defined parts and feeder locations and then wrote the mounting file in the CSM's format.  I then downloaded this file with a standard serial communications program (in my case I used minicom).
Then, I set up the feeders on the machine using the feeder menus.  That was the whole process.

I purchased a used CSM84 machine without vision. I am using kicad in the latest version with my own defined component libraries. Is there any software with which I could easily create a pcb panelization and upload the files to the machine? I found pcbSynergy on the web unfortunately there is a problem because there are a lot of errors during the conversion. I had an old kicad v4 project and the conversion went fine but unfortunately, the new version of kicad is probably not compatible with PCBSynergy.  I can't imagine rewriting it manually into machine language. Is anyone able to help me?

There's kikit available for Kicad which makes generating panels very comfortable, even better than with Altium. Some issues have to be fixed with the Altium to Kicad importer then it should be possible to use Altium with Kikit as well.
If you cannot generate the panel with your system you might go that route.

OK, I made a version of my converter program for Kicad.  It works similarly to my program for conversion from Protel99.  It does not automatically create the feeder file, but that is so easy to set up right on the machine, and then backup to a file on the PC later.  I can give you this program.


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