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I want to have replacement pcb's made for my amplifier. The manufacturer no longer sells parts for this amp. Where can I have these
Made? Is it legal to copy or are there copyrighted? If it can be done can I just send an empty pcb to the manufacturer for them to copy?

Kim Christensen:
Learn KiCad, EasyEDA, etc... Then design your own PCB and order from JLCPCB, PCBWAY, etc. Paying a company to do this will be very expensive.

The Gerber format that most manufacturers rely on today is vector.  You might find one that can will work from a photograph, but it should be expensive.

You could easily DIY a 2-layer board from a photo, but then you face copyright.  It's artwork, and in the US, a copyright exists upon its creation.  It's more difficult to enforce when its not registered, but it can still be enforced.  You could ask permission to make a specific number of copies, and that might be granted for a nominal fee, if you agree not to sell them.  You  aren't likely to be arrested for copyright infringement, but you could end up paying a significant civil penalty.

The best advice is from Kim C.

I would not be too concerned with copyright issues.
You are not selling the product, just making for Yourself a product which is no longer supported by manufacturer.
New KICAD8 will import a phot and allow you to place components an tracks based on the image underlay.
If You can scan the PCB on a flat bed scanner ( with components on top side. Use the image and sample PCB to generate artwork in KICAD.
export gerbers and then you can make the PCB.
Better yet, get approval from equipment makers to make Your own for personal use only...in writing.

Copyright is an important topic in some countries, don't ignore that.
It can be your friend or enemy depending on which side you are, and there are no options in between.


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