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PCB Fab that allows plated slots and > 1oz copper in USA

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Anyone know of a good and reasonably priced PCB fab house that will allow plated slots and (not required but a bonus) can do 2 or even 4oz copper?
I almost always use OSHPark and have been super happy but any time I do a plated slot they just turn it into a huge circle and they will only do 1oz copper.

I have used itead, and they have happily reproduced a plated slot that was un-intentionally part of a library part (only needed to be a slot, but came with pads..) it was 4mm x 12mm and was properly through plated,

hackvana does plated slots im pretty sure and also does 2oz copper - not USA but with DHL shipping you can expect less than 2 weeks

Not in the US but Itead and Elecrow both do plated slots. Itead also offers 2oz copper.

Both also do DHL.

We have just fabricated a series of almost 6 ounce sample boards for a client here in Brisbane , Australia.

Used 0.2mm thick copper sheet and laminated it it to 0.7 and 1.6mm  FR4 single sided stock to produce the necessary base material which was then mechanically structured.


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