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PCBcart prices doubled!

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I just quoted a design online at pcbcart, and their prices has doubled overnight!

Anyone else who has experienced this? If not, try to quote an existing design as a new one with the same parameters and compare prices.

Guess I am in the search for a new pcb house :-( Any tips is much appreciated!

Best Regards

I heard they just dropped a lot in recent times?
I haven't used them for quite some time now.

The stencil service is super now with respect to prices. Now suddenly the prices became normal again, I am sure I did not make a typo in the parameters - maybe there was some sort of bug with their new online form or something... Anyway, seems good! Sorry for the trouble!

There must have been a bug, I had one tab open with the high price, and I changed the name only of the design which triggers a new request to their server, and the price halved!


--- Quote from: hcglitte on July 01, 2015, 08:32:00 am ---Guess I am in the search for a new pcb house :-( Any tips is much appreciated!

--- End quote ---

There's a price-comparison site for PCBs at PCBShopper.com. You enter your board's specs and it shows you prices from 25 different manufacturers, including the best-known companies in Asia, North America and Europe. PCBCART is one of them. There are also Amazon-style reviews for many of the manufacturers that you can read (and write, if you have some experiences to share).

- Bob


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