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PCBway sponsorship - a few questions that others may have encountered

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I have a fairly small YouTube channel with about 510 subscribers - my videos don't get many views but PCBWay decided to sponsor one of my projects giving me 5x boards at the cost of around $130USD inc shipping.

I thought it was a bit odd why they chose a small channel that doesn't get many views but I took up their offer in return for a short advert on my video about the project. The project in question (a large ATMEGA based clock) isn't that interesting nor anything special either. I made the video and put a link to their site on my blog as requested. But when I released another video they asked why I had not put their advert onto it and wanted me to put a 5 min long advert for PCBway onto my next video. As most of my videos are fairly short I thought this was a bit too excessive; also my YouTube stats indicate most viewers turn it off once the advert starts hurting views.

Has anyone else had their projects sponsored but PCBWay want you to continue making adverts even on videos that are not related to the project? I did not request a sponsorship; they contacted me and offered more than the $100 allowed. I'm a bit reluctant to do this as it's penalizing my views but they might turn round and say I have to pay for the goods but yet I made one video as requested.

As the value of the goods were quite substantial compared to JLCPCB I'm wondering if I should bother to made any more adverts for them. Especially one that is 5 mins long.

Has anyone else had any experience of this with PCBWay contacting you out of the blue?

I assume you have a written agreement with them? What does it say exactly? Does it say yo should put adverts for them on several videos?

The world of sponsorship/advertising is a bit messed up and cut-throat.

Sometimes they will try to trick you, and get as much advertising out of you they can get away with, and guilt trip you.

It's good to have your own list of rules, give the list to the company and say "take it or leave it".


--- Quote from: Daixiwen on November 30, 2023, 10:06:51 am ---I assume you have a written agreement with them? What does it say exactly? Does it say yo should put adverts for them on several videos?

--- End quote ---

+1. Just read what you agreed to. If not much anything, then don't care about extra requests.

No written agreement other than a brief conversation on discord so I guess I could tell them no. No mention I had to put the ad on several videos.

As psi said I think they are trying to get as much out of me as they can and then try the guilt trip trick.


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