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Pick and Place Machine by ProtoVoltaics


We've been making boards for some time now and decided we needed a PNP, but we couldn't find one worth having. So, we made our own!

The machine has vision and uses it to align for both part pick up and part placement. We also made our very own automatic feeders. We have tested, and can place accurately parts as small as 0402. We think we can do smaller, but we are waiting for a new smaller pick head to come in to start testing. Also, we can accurately place IC parts.

We hope to be able to put our machines up for sale soon. I believe our software really sets us apart from whats available now. We can place IC, we can place more than one board at the same time, we have auto tool changing, and we can place 700-850 CPH. We think we can speed the current make up a little more to place ~1000 CPH.

If you wish to follow the project as we close in on the finish line you can visit our hackaday page. https://hackaday.io/project/5200-pick-and-place-machine

Please let us know your thoughts. We are eager for community input!


Here is our latest video, hope to have something better quality soon. Possibly a video of multi-board placement.




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