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I have used a similar scheme to find the nozzle offsets on my Quad machine.  I have "spotting dye" here for use in the machine shop.  It is similar to artist's Prussian blue oil paint, but washes off more easily.  I just put a tiny smear of the dye on my finger and wipe on the nozzle.  Then, press the nozzle down to the board and raise, and it leaves a round print like the letter "O".  The dye wipes off easily from the nozzle.
The actual dye I use is made by Canode, but is not easy to get.  The dye leaves a much more visible mark on shiny steel parts of the machine, but will work on a PC board, too, with less contrast.
The guy who taught me how to use the machine prefers to put "Silly Putty" (a children's toy item) on the board, and the nozzle will leave a round ring in the putty.  But, then you will have to clear the nozzle for sure.


--- Quote from: pgavionics@gmail.com on June 19, 2020, 01:15:49 pm ---Thanks ttt for your reply. I've checked all limit switches and all are ok. For example, when I manually move the head, near the X left or right limit, it crashes. If it's a bit away from the limit and I insert something in the limit switch while manually moving, it immediately stops and a warning about limit reached pops up.
As I wrote in my first message, all motors and limit switches are working manually under certain conditions. The only way it doesn't work is when pressing the up arrow to move towards the normal homing position. Also on X axis it moves on both directions only when the negative Y limit has been reached.

--- End quote ---
I know your post ist over a year old, but I have the same machine with almost the same problem:
X-Axis does the same yerky movement when homing and doesn't succeed.
I got a replacement Mainboard from the manufacturer. Didn't help.

Today I found the Problem: One of the X-Axis homing lever was slightly bend and not releasing the button underneath. The indicator was always active on the homing screen, but i didn't notice (really dumb on my part).
So I bend it back and now its working again.

Maybe this helps

Update on the below message. I was able to get the English version of the software from the manufacturer.
Now I am looking for an updated user manual. Let me know if someone has a newer one, please!

Hello all, I know this thread has some age on it. I purchased this machine in 2016. Tried it out, put it away. Now I have time to get back to it.
If anyone has a link to an English version of the latest V2.xx I would be most grateful.
Thank you in advance!



Hello, all users of Qihe SMT :)
Qihe team have updated support on the official website to support you to quickly find the TVM802 or other models
and please contact customer service to update the software .

Also add customer case sharing section  for friends who interested in the machines .

Welcome to subscribe qihe team via social media .

Hello, I've been working with a TVM802 for 6 months and a problem started a day ago.

Nozzle 1 or A, is not turning properly, seems to be because the stepper motor is worn out and does not have enough torque to hold the position after turning against the kink of the suction hose (it has already been replaced with a more flexible one) .

I thought about requesting the purchase of a replacement stepper, but I fear the problem will recur in a short time.
Is there any indication of an equivalent stepper motor model that has a higher torque and is compatible with this machine?


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