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Creating a new thread specific to this particular machine. TVM802B is mostly identical but has more feeders.

Update on TVM802B: The machine comes with Juki / Juki-compatible nozzles. TVM802A has screw-in nozzles like in Neoden TM220/240 and similar.

Cost of machine as purchased: $3,400 including shipping from China to Germany.

Manufacturer: http://www.qihesmt.com/sell-2403372-pick-and-place-machine-vision-mounter-qihe-tvm802a-qihekj-qihe-smt-machine.html
Blog post re. purchase on Ali Express, importing & customs: http://servokit.com/blog/2016/03/03/pick-place-tvm-802-a-arrived-today/
Blog post with unboxing (plenty of hi-res images): http://servokit.com/blog/2016/03/04/unboxing-the-pick-and-place-tvm802a/
Blog post with setting up the machine: http://servokit.com/blog/2016/03/05/tvm802a-pick-and-place-setup/

Will post more information and experiences as we go along.

Regards, Axel

That table doesn't look very solid - I'd expect it to wobble a bit with the machine running....

Yep, it does, a bit. Once we've settled for the layout of the production it will be bolted to the wall.

Regards, Axel


Just to keep this fairly self contained, it might be a good idea to post the current delivered pricing in this thread. All of these machines are "made to sell at a price point". We quickly spiral off comparing $250,000 machines to $3,900 machines and wondering why the $3,900 gizmo "does not measure up". The most basic answer is that you didn't spend $250,000.


Bolt the table to a wall. Better yet, bolt it into a corner between two walls.


@ServoKit: Did the machine come with any kind of CE conformity documentation for customs clearance?



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