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Pick and place machines and nozzle changes?

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I am planning to order a pick and place machine from China.
There is a solid need to make some boards monthly, placing around 150 000 components monthly.
I see the lower cost machines have 4 nozzle heads, so i started to think, is it possible to use them efficiently when our board has a lot of 0603 passives, but also some QFN32, QFN16, Dpak-transistors, smd POT, bigger diodes, switch and USB connector.

I was thinking, it would slow down the machine if there was many different nozzles needed all time, and for example just one of the nozzles could place the 0603 parts which are the most numerous components on board. Is the changing of nozzle during the operation some easy and well integrated option, or how it works? Or should boards be run for example first with all nozzles for 0603 to make many panels ready with these parts as quickly as possible, and then change nozzles and program, and place the other components?

Yes, you could do that but it would be painful. You would have to store the boards between each set of parts being placed, so more manual handling. Plus the solder paste would be out in the air for way longer, which isn't ideal.

On our 6 head Kayo we generally had 3 heads placing chip parts and SOT23, two heads for placing ICs and the last head set with a larger Z axis and larger nozzle so it could place modules and electrolytic capacitors. There were sometimes variations, depending on the board.

I have a 4-head machine. I would way go for a minimum 6-head or 8-head if speed if what you are looking for. The more passive and smaller components it can take at 1 go, the faster your CPH will be.

Thank you very much, I will then go the original route, just to get what is needed, anyway just one order from the customer should pay back the investment anyway and more.

The Kayo 6 head machine and their semi automatic stencil printer and rf630 reflow oven. Just concerned what they mean when saying the starting power 24 kW, 380V, working power 5 kW.
This 3 phase 380V we would have, but I think very few places have fuses to handle then 24kW, it is over 60 Amps.

Other thought was, since we will be manufacturing just one specific board, to make a custom hot plate with custom holders to keep the board pressed against the hot plate etc. but it sounds so much more easy just to get a ready reflow oven but the starting power requirements make me worried if it can be started or not at all.

But she (RF630) really has 24kw.
When it heats up, it has an AVERAGE consumption of 5kW.
According to the photo:
1)  there are 12 SSD, so about 1 SSD=2kW
2) one SSD = 2 power+2 control wire => 1 phase 230V
Just a minor correction:
24000W / 3 phase / 230V = 34.8A


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