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Pick and place SMT-880 (SMT-660, SMT-550) and SOT-23-3 problem

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p.s. The recognition problem can be solved with the footprint set up ? But how can I set up the footprint lib ? Its on chinese (software version x7.0.1)[/img]


--- Quote from: koniu12 on October 28, 2021, 09:46:32 am ---Thank you very much for your help. The SOT23 was only a test, which I hope to solve soon.
But now I try to explain my way with new project to understand, how the SMT-880 works.
1. I have installed necessary feeder in the machine and adjusted the height, tested the vision etc.
2. Than I have made a new project and imported a TXT/CSV file with fudicals, the feeder numbers I have intalled before, and nozzle type (1...7 = 504 and 8 = 505)
3. I have generated PCB array and the marks.
4. But when I start "Optimize order" then I have 2x problems :
a.) the feeder numbers will be changed (mixed up), and the adjusted settings under FEEDER before are lost (for example OFFSET)
b.) the nozzle types I set will not be accepted (after optimalization I have suddenly 1...4 heads with 504 nozzle and 5...8 = 505), AND I cant change it under "FEEDER/NOZ. PLUG IN"
I would be grateful for any help, thanks

--- End quote ---

If you created a new project but want to use the same location of feeders, use the import existing project feature on the optimization dialogue. Once you have done that, when you click on optimize, choose optimize only unassigned feeder. That will keep the imported feeder settings from existing project intact. Noozle type and it's location are decided by the software as they are optimized for each project.

From your image, it looks like your threshold is wrong. Try something like 127. Also, please screenshot your settings if you want people to help you.

I doubt that the footprint library was available/completed on v7.0.1. I think most of us here uses the v8.0.x.

I hope if there's a new question, please post it on the other main HWGC thread so everything is kept centralized and users don't have to look everywhere if anyone come across the same issue.


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