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Pick and place SMT-880 (SMT-660, SMT-550) and SOT-23-3 problem

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I am currently trying to configure a SMT-880 machine and have a problem with camera recognition of SOT-23-3 (BC817) components (20...30% are thrown away).
The software should be the same as SMT-660 or SMT-550. Can someone tell me the settings for this? Thanks very much.

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Please screen shot your settings.

Try increasing the LEDs lightness to 300 or 350 for the lamps. If that does not solve the problem then you'll have to edit the component library dimensions for it.

Thanks! The best results I have with 90..100 for the lamps. But I have tried all degrees from 10 to 500. It will be not better.
Where can I edit the component library dimensions for the SOT-23-3 (BC817) ? I found only something under feeder.
What are the additional settings there for like "FW" etc. ?

Although I don't have problems with SOT23-3 and use the FASTCAM and normal algorithm.  I did notice on a sw update that there is a specific camera algorithm for SOT-23 so you might try that as well - I have not.  If you have LW (length and width) checking configured too aggressively where you require a high percentage of the length and width, component picks at an angle may be foreshortened enough to be rejected to the "throw" area.  Be sure they are not bouncing so much on feeder advance that they fall out of the tape pocket or are repositioned as a result of the bouncing way out of a normal alignment.  Fundamentally, you should check what the image recognition camera is seeing and the shape it is overlaying on the part.  Seems you are saying the part does not make it to the board for placement.  Turn on the camera images during operation so you can visually see what the camera sees for each pickup and pay more attention to whatever nozzles are being used (if more than one).  Perhaps it is just one nozzle and the feeder pickup settings associated with it.

Please describe the problem you are having in more detail.


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