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Hi Guys,

I wanted to generate a pick & place files for a PCB panel that consists of 4 columns and 2 rows of a board.

Should the pick and place file includes all components information (centroid) across the whole panel or just one of the anchor board?

Depends on the machine ...

Typically only One board.

For each component
Center x , center y , rotation , top/bottom, designator, value or other identifying info

For anchor board:
Three fiducials

For each subsequent board:
Three fiducials , or anchor fiducial.

But, that does that apply on panel that have individual boards being rotated (due to some card edge gold fingers at the edge)?

Ask your assembly people what they want.

In this case, do ask the assembly people. Since it is not a step and repeat but there is rotation involved...
Again it depends on the machine they have. Old machines will require full data, newer machines can do step and repeat and the high end ones will have no problem with rotated step repeat.

The key in this is having fiducials on the board ! On each and every one. That way the machines can find where the boards are.


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