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Practical DIY or modest cost Vapor Phase - does it exist yet?

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I have perused the bowels of the internet and found a small handful of vapor phase DIY experiments. None of them seem practical, effective, or well thought out so far.

After looking at some of the entry-level and above commercial models, I have started to appreciate the challenge to some extent. The cost of the commercial units, even the entry-level, is rather steep. I would not, however, mind spending $1k on parts and building a small system to replace my current convection batch oven. Most of my work is mixed power and signals which is really challenging to reflow.

Any good DIY projects or functional entry-level options? My boards are all small - roughly the size of my hand or so.

Perhaps this is wishful thinking.

Some threads I remember:


Most expensive part is the active cooler to keep the upper area cool.
You could use watercooling and shop for a chinese watercooler for lasers to get there.
Still stainless steel holder, elevator plateau, closing lid, watercooler, steppers and drivers, PSU, DIY electronic control, $1k DIY would be feasible but will cost you much more in time.

I've been thinking about getting into it myself the last couple weeks. I plan to start with a very basic system, no platform motion or PID heating, fancy recovery/condensation systems etc. I hope it can still be an improvement over my current butchered toaster oven. The main concerns I see are not exceeding the decomposition temperature (~280C) at the heating surface, and of course not creating an explosion with a sealed vessel.

I have found a source that supplies small quantities of Galden HT-230 at a reasonable price, although I've not confirmed yet they will sell to individuals: http://www.synquestlabs.com/product/id/52503.html

If it goes well I would be interested in collaborating on a more sophisticated system that could be produced as a kit/open hardware product at some point.

Nothing fancy going on with this tiny one https://eleshop.eu/vapour-phase-mini-condens-it.html, looks a bit like a fryer ;).


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