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I'm working on relatively dense 10+ layer boards and need a preheater (total board size <150x100 but margin is good).

I wanted to buy the zephyrtronics 15cfm unit but the shipping to Germany or even US is insane. $350+ for international freight, $100 for non-ground US freight??? It's not that big of a unit.

What alternatives are there? Metcal's convection preheater looks ok. JBC seems too expensive. I generally would prefer hot air over IR but it's not a hard requirement.

How about the Hakko FR830-02 ?

My bro loves this model and used it often when he worked for Intel. We bought ours - 100% new but surplus on Ebay and saved about $50-$75 USD off the DK pricing.

To elevate our PCBs we purchased a rework table jig from Aliexpress. Just my 2-bits.

I'm using AOYUE 866. It works all right as a preheater. Hot air piece is handy too. Never tried the iron.

Decided to go with the Metcal one. Best availability + price/specs ratio of everything that I saw.

Why would you prefer hot air over IR? Hot air is worse, the power output is so low.

Yihua 853/Gordak 853 is working well for me.


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