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Puhui T960 and T961 ovens

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Considering one of these.

Almost no reviews on the www - of what I have found - nothing is negative.

I'd like to conclude that lack of web chatter is a good sign, but could also suggest no one is using?

So my question is - Anyone got one? How is it?

T961 "seems" the later machine, with 3 zones top and bottom, whereas I assume the 960 is 3 up and 2 down. The 961 also looks like it may be based on a re-write of their firmware (which of course could be "out of the pan and into the fire")

I'll probably take the punt anyways, and if i do, will update this.

I'm getting close to pulling the trigger on a T961. Did you buy one? How has it gone? Have a great day!


Yea, I got T961S (with a touch screen)

The advent of a touchscreen DOES NOT HERALD the beginnings of any great shakes with their firmware abilities.

TBH - we've not done much with it, other than run it up and look at the temps as the unit displays them. "seems" OK.

There's a setting for telling the unit what the ambient temperature is - that alarms me - as it suggests CJC is still absent.

I have emails from Puihui (Gaby) assuring me that ALL their ovens have proper CJC, and are properly earthed.

Ya pays a little money, and takes your choice.

I am however optimistic that it will perform to reflow our boards.

If it doesn't, we did a 6 channel auto-tune PID controller for a textile application (In Z80 with 16K and 512 bytes!!)  - The 961S will get one of those lashed-up if all else fails.

As a freebie, they included some spare "electric wind wheels" ... which makes me wonder why ... ?

I keep getting spam emails for these at less than $2000, US stocked. At that price I'm considering one as a back up to my aging Vitronics 5 zone.


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