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Re-using of a JLC stencil frame (keep frame, replace stencil sheet)?


Sometimes a stencil is only needed a few times and would then be thrown away, e.g. if the circuit board changes again during the development phase.
I often order framed stencils because they are easier and quicker to use, so the stencil sheet comes already glued into an aluminum frame. It would be a shame to throw that frame away if the stencil became obsolet. Better would be removing the old stencil from the frame and replacing it by a new one.
(Note: if you are ordering stencils from JLC, the extra costs for the stencil frame is minimal, but the shipping costs for a framed stencil are not!)

I couldn't find anything about this on the internet, but I'm certainly not the first person to come up with this idea.

So: has anyone ever cut out an old stencil from the frame and glued in a new one and can tell you the best way to do it?
Thank you!

Due to the shipment costs, I use frameless stencils with custom size (smaller) from JLCPCB. I cannot recommend a solution for reusing those stencils. But instead of messing with glue and mesh, isn't it easy to use a system like the below or a similar one?


Thanks, though I am already using such an universal frame. I built an adjustable frame using aluminium profiles, some 3D printed parts, rods and linear bearings. The whole unit is then mounted in my ZB3040 stencil printer (https://aliexpress.com/item/4000270778981.html) like a regular framed stencil. See photos attached.
However working with it is not as good as with a framed stencil: if the framed stencil is at 100%, I am currently at 80%.
This ZelFlex Protect LPKF frame from Selcuk's link looks to be great, but I guess it will be quite expensive.
Edit: found the price: $2200 (cough)

a few years ago I bought a neoden stencil frame. getting the perforation pattern for the fingers to grab the stencil was hit and miss.

Air pressure on the device permitted the stencil claws to withdraw, where the stencil could be put onto the holder. Then, you removed air and the tension came up as the springs in the device tensioned on all sides

Seemed that Neoden had NFI what the dimnensions exactly were required- so I presume they were reselling it. so that took a few iterations.

I did get some good results from it, however I found tearing likely on 0.12 and 0.1mm stencils, and stopped using it.  OK for thicker 0.15mm stencils


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