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Recommendation for EU/UK high technology HDI board and assembly provider?


Hi all,

I'm working on a small (~35mm square), very high density board (currently 8 layers with 82 micron track/space, lasered blind microvias top->mid1 and mid2, buried drilled vias mid1 to mid6) with many wlCSP and BGA parts down to 0.4mm pitch, i.e. much like a smartphone PCB :-)

Can anyone recommend a manufacturing partner, preferably in the UK or EU. The board is currently just for a industrial research project with no current plans for high volume manufacture.


ACB in dendermonde ( belgium). They can do stuff like that without blinking.

Wuerth Elektronik in Germany: http://www.we-online.com

Thanks poorchava & free_electron!

Have you used these companies previously for an advanced board?

My company uses Wuerth regularly for prototype runs. Not exactly HDI, but other demanding specifications (safety-critical heavy automotive stuff with blind/buried vias, metal cores, ceramics, CSP's etc). We received some samples of their HDI stuff and they look very nice.

Sorry, I can't post any photos.


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