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I am after some advice as to how to go about having some 27mm x 32mm PCB,s populated with parts that I will supply here in Australia, Canberra if possible  :) unlikely I know.  Mainly SMD passives - 0603 and 0805, 1.25mm, 1.5mm and 2mm sockets, IRLML6244 mosfets, QFN-44 (ATMEGA32U4-MUR), 3mm x 3mm QFN TPS6300 and a 16-pin LGA package ICM-20608-G gyro. I apologise if I am asking this question in an unconventional manner but this is well out of my normal sphere of experience. I have heard Dave Jones mention about having some boards assembled here in Australia. It would only be initially a few boards just to test prior to a larger batch being populated by machine. Thanks for reading and hopefully offering some advice Pedro.

The EEVBlog Wiki has a list of PCB Assemblers:
It's a bit outdated though...
Looking on Google, it doesn't seem that there are any assemblers in Canberra, but there are a few in Sydney (e.g. https://puzzleprecision.com.au/ , who specialise in SMD, I have no affiliation with them).
Hope this helps!  ;D

I use PCBCart and Macrofab, both do good work (at this size).

I really like MacroFab but they are based in Texas.

Sorry to all of you that replied, but I did not have email notifications set in my preferences and only just came back to the forum today. Thanks for all the suggestions



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