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Reflow Oven or IR Preheater

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Some connectors (especially if taller or with some large open space such as RJ45 connectors) are pretty sensitive. As the heating elements are just approx. 40mm away, a connector with 10mm height will have problems. It helps, to add (wrap) some aluminium foils to the top of the connector. It can be done quickly and removes any hassle with melted connector housings.

Hey, I've seen some other posts where people are wrapping the connectors in a shield. Its not so practical for me - My boards have anywhere up to 12-13 connectors on them.
I'll probably stick with the large shield approach until I sort something better out.

get a punch to make little aluminum disks you can put over connectors. or a perforated shield. its layout planning work but it might just make your project viable  i feel like this might be the japanese solution that requires some 'paperwork'


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