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I'm looking to do a couple 4 layer PCBs that have RF components in the 5-7GHz range.  Does anyone have a favorite house for doing these sorts of things?

whaddaymean ? to do the layout work or to make the bare board ? any serious board house can make this. Pick one of the Nelco or Rogers RF substrates , pick the layer stackup , plug the numbers and off you go.

To make the bare board.  I have my favorite houses for high current, and another set for "cheap crap quick", but I don't yet have a favorite house for RF.

All of my RF work has been either 900M or 2.4G, and honestly wasn't all that complicated - mostly I did antenna design or front ends with just a handful of RF components.  This will have a few copper defined components (filters and splitters) and is more sensitive to interference than other designs I've done.

What is your favorite "serious board house" for this?

 - Eric

I know PCBcart (chinese shop, ok place) offers RF-substrates at least: http://www.pcbcart.com/ No experience with their RF-boards though. I have a bunch of friends who have ordered regular boards from there without a hitch though. I think you need to email the design files to them to get a quote for RF-boards, can't use their automatic quote.

Where are you located? Eurocircuits offers Rogers material IIRC.


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