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Round project enclosure Manufacturers?

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Hi everyone!

So glad that i found this site.  I was looking through the enclosure manufacture posting and couldn't seem to find what I am looking for.  I was wondering if anyone knew of any manufacturers that make product enclosures that are round? I notice that most seem to be made into rectangles or square shapes.

I am working on a electronics prototype requires a round enclosure approximately 25mm in diameter or less and approx. 15mm in height or less. The material that the enclosire is made out of isn't as important as shape of the enclosure itself.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Thank you!

1) Look around for general purpose tin cans,
2) have a custom sol'n manufactured,
3) reconsider your design goals.

i hope you are not as unlucky as i am...
iirc i contacted few of them, non replied like i'm nobody.

Shop any store that sells womens makeup and just look at the containers.  There are many that are in the size you describe.  Buy the cheapest one that fits the bill for color, material, and size and dump the contents.  If your country has dollar stores it will only cost you a dollar per container.

I picked up some screw together round containers about that size as a set in the beading isle of our WalMart.  I use them to keep small electronics pieces, such as 0.1" jumpers, etc.  I believe mine are a little shorter than you want, but there were many varieties there.  I would try whatever hobbyist or sewing stores you have around.


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