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schematic+layout+fab express service?


Noted that pcbway has a sch+pcb layout service. has anyone tried it?

I've been looking for a service where you can just upload a hand drawn block-schematic and get a fabbed pcba back.

Upwork "works", but too much hassle as the risk is on you picking the right person. Also few offers the manufacturing part as its mostly soft-services there.

Good day,

I hope you are not expecting too much and/or the design to work given what you are planning to provide to the vendor.  In the end... garbage-in results in garbage-out.  There are far too many variables and details needed for a successful design beyond a block diagram style of schematic, let alone a successful and quality PCB layout.  If anything I would suggest you create a formal schematic detailing all the parts/connectors (complete part numbers so as to know the part footprint), all of the interconnections, and include PCB layout notes (critical traces/lengths/layers used, PCB physical size, layer count, mounting holes or not, soldermask/silkscreen color... and PCB stackup if more than 2 layers, etc) and/or design documentation package.

Ultimately, the more info and details you provide will increase the chances of having a working PCB and/or a PCB that meets your expectations.




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