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Chet T16:

--- Quote from: shadewind on July 17, 2011, 12:49:10 am --- And you can have any board shape you want.

--- End quote ---

Really? Both state that the board size will be the smallest rectangle it fits in.

I ordered my first boards from itead a few weeks ago, they seem to have gone missing somewhere along the way according to the postage tracking so i figured they migght be a lost cause and ordered the same from seeed.

Jon Chandler:
Delivery from China can take a couple weeks or longer.

ITead and Seeed both route the board to any desired shape.

--- Quote ---...the board size will be the smallest rectangle it fits in. ..
--- End quote ---

is just to determine the board size.

Chet T16:
I know delivery is bad but i've had two lots of 'stuff' come from china since they were dispatched and the tracking website has stayed the same since the 7th

Thats brilliant about routing the shapes, i'll be taking advantage of it next time!


Assembled Board :D (yes those are vertical 1206 resistors where 0805 should be...)

I ended up with 12 boards (5 of which are marked as tested). All of them are perfect which isn't surprising as they aren't complicated boards. Even though I decided not to put my order number on the silkscreen, Seeed still puts their own numbers on there. I guess this is to track them as they usually attach the small board runs to bigger panels. You can see on the logo on the bottom side, the tolerances between silkscreen/soldermask/copper. Pretty good on all the boards (there's supposed to be a little bit of soldermask on the inside of the silkscreen on the three exposed copper hexagons). Like itead studio, they'll route out your boards to pretty much any reasonable shape, so there's no reason not to put rounded edges on your boards :)

My only tips are:
Use what board edge you like - rounded corners = win
Make a space for them to put silkscreen codes if you don't want them placed elsewhere on your boards.

Received a few more boards from Seeed recently :)

Check out  the images here: http://imgur.com/a/kcBrC

The white soldermask turned out to be pretty nice. A small percentage of the boards have silkscreen blemishes or a slight misalignment but all of the boards are fine electrically. Ordered a set of 100 boards and received 110 so the blemished ones are freebies anyway :)

It would seem that the PCB factory that produces these is the one who puts the little number codes on the boards, and they always get put on the front regardless of your requests. Solution: before creating and sending off your gerbers, mirror your entire design, so the front becomes the back, and vice-versa  ::)


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