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Yeah the Eagle parts I had for the DC jack with slots were a bit iffy so I didn't use them. In the future I'll sort out a proper part with slots, but at the time I simply didn't care :)

Seeed Studios have updated their page: http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/fusion-pcb-service-p-835.html?cPath=185

They've just clarified the whole panellising thing. Basically, they don't care what you do within the board space you pay for, but they will only separate the entire outline, and will not do drill lines or slots to make it easy to separate yourself  :P

You can see on this board I've put two on one 5x5 board:
--- End quote ---

I only left 2mm of space though which isn't quite enough. 3mm should be perfect. I separate mine with an electric tile cutter (~$100?). Blade cutting width is 2.2-2.4mm and with the water tray it collects all of the fibreglass dust :) Only good for straight cuts and making really tiny boards this way isn't really advisable since you would be putting your fingers awfully close to the blade  :-X

Oh and I did mention this in the shoutbox, but, Seeed are now offering an acrylic laser cutting service :D Perhaps soon even a solderpaste stencil service. Sounds pretty good. Get your PCBs, stencils, and enclosures all made in the same place. Pricing looks very reasonable compared to places like pinoko.

Itead studios have made some changes as well. They now offer a 4 layer service, as well as expanding the size options for boards. They also offer a high volume (50-200) service which is comparable in price to Seeed's offering. I still find Seeed's single page much easier to use rather than a huge number of different SKUs. Too bad Seeed don't offer black soldermask :P Black + ENIG gold = sexy.


--- Quote from: metalphreak on October 25, 2011, 06:28:11 am ---It would seem that the PCB factory that produces these is the one who puts the little number codes on the boards, and they always get put on the front regardless of your requests. Solution: before creating and sending off your gerbers, mirror your entire design, so the front becomes the back, and vice-versa  ::)

--- End quote ---

that's not true, i got some, and some boards had the order codes on the bottom silkscreen, others on the top silkscreen. made it completely useless, now i gotta go get them done again elsewhere......

Well that sucks :( They must have done your boards on two different panel runs or something. Every time I've used them, the code has always been on the front, and i've done batches of 100 boards through them before as well.

actually, i had another look, and it *might* be because they couldn't fit it on the top layer, so they had no choice but to put it on the bottom layer. So i guess you might be right...

Last board I had done, they put their code underneath a chip footprint so that it wouldn't be visible after assembly. Didn't ask them to - I thought that was a nice touch.


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