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So I'm sure plenty of people will be interested in this service. I have a suspicion that they use the same fabrication places as Itead Studios, but Seeed offer a lot more options in terms of board sizes, quantity, colour, finish etc. Anyway, I've put in an order and I'm going to update this thread as it progresses, so you can get an idea of lead times and so forth.

Board is 4.5x3cm double sided and is a basic design for a breadboard power regulator/supply.

10x boards, 1.6mm, 2 side silkscreen, HASL, Green soldermask - Total Cost: 13.42 USD (inc shipping)

10/07/2011 Sunday: Paid and emailed PCB files
11/07/2011 Monday: Reply from Seeed saying received and processing (if no board errors found)
11/07/2011 Monday: Website order status changed to "In production"
15/07/2011 Friday: Shipped!
21/07/2011 Thursday: Tracking says it now actually left Hong Kong...
28/07/2011 Thursday: Package arrives!


Amazing prices they offer, can't wait to see your results. 

I tried them recently and they are comparable to iTead.

Oohh that looks like a DDS function generator you got going there? How is it working out?


I'm waiting on my first PCBs to turn up. Ordered on the 4th, shipped on the 11th.

Meanwhile I took another look at my gerbers, and I've noticed a possible issue. Doh!

The drill file seems to be offset by about .01 of an inch in both x and y. I'm not sure if this is going to be a problem, or how it could be avoided. I used the Eagleexport script as given by Seeed themselves.

Has anyone else seen this?

Fortunately even if the holes are offset on the final board, it's designed with pretty big tolerances and should be fine. Untidy, but functional. However I don't like that it's off in the gerber view, and I wouldn't want to see it on a board with much tighter clearances.

I know I should have double checked this in advance, but it was late, I was in a hurry, and it looked ok at first glance... plus it's cheap :)


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