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Selective soldering flux - a question for Australian chatters predominantly

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I am looking for a liquid flux no clean alcohol based suitable for selective soldering application that is readily available in the arse end of the world geography.

I use Kester EP256 flux as that apparently is also used in the solder paste (plus other stuff) with the same number.  Kester also list its RF741 as a rework flux.  It's SDS is quite similar to EP256.  Both are no clean.  The EP256 has an alcoholic odor and is quite liquid.  I do not have the RF741 and cannot comment on it.

Kester EP256 flux:

Kester RF951

EDIT: Also used #44 paste flux that I got years ago.  It's my preferred flux for new stuff and hand soldering.

Kester also have SELECT 10 flux specifically formulated for selective soldering process requirement... but... It' a bit of hens teeth situation.  Not available down under. Current mob handling Kester may be looking to switch brands. Situation will be resolved in say half a year.

I will try Aim solder's flux FX16 and 265. No sample quantities, have had to purchase 6 litres in total just to try.

Have you checked out the fluxes from Chemtools/Okay? They sell AIM fluxes and have fantastic support too. We have good results with the FX16 in our (non-selective) wave solder.

NC265 gives very nice results and is slightly cleaner but my team found that it was more of an irritant when in the air.


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