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I order prototypes almost every week. Don't know if it is covid, but since spring last year Chinese manufacturers started to have various issues in deliveries. Quality issues included. Fabrication takes much longer. Now, close to the middle of Chinese new year, 5 days build time is more like 3 weeks.
I am not using those $0-$10 products, but spending more money does not seem to make any difference.

Thanks for mentioning PCBShopper. I browsed reviews and, unfortunately, almost all the manufacturers are getting negative feedback exactly for the same reasons I am struggling at the moment.

I think my journey with Chinese manufacturers is over. Anyone using Aisler or Eurocircuits?

About six months ago I ordered two different 4-layer designs from JLCPCB, boards about 4" x 4", plus solder stencils.  Delivered in a timely fashion, low-price, and good quality.  This has been my experience with JLCPCB over the past several years, perhaps a dozen different boards.


--- Quote from: Axel_sr on February 09, 2022, 06:29:02 am ---I think my journey with Chinese manufacturers is over. Anyone using Aisler or Eurocircuits?

--- End quote ---

I use Aisler for some years now and I am happy with them. So far I used their 2-layer 'beautiful Boards' HD and Budget options. Turnaround normally within a week for PCB's and stencils, as long as you use express shipping. So far no quality issues, apart from a little dent in a stencil once, which was credited. Simple upload of board files (in my case KiCad). Straightforward pricing and they understand VAT within the EU which is nice. Simple re-ordering.

I started using them for small assembly (SMD) production runs since they started offering these last year and that also works for me. You can actually contact someone with a pulse (mail / phone) about issues which I like.

I also used Aisler for one board -- they did a fine job, no complaints.  They farmed out the actual fabrication to some board house here in the USA, I don't recall if they are a "virtual" company or if they have physical fab capability of their own.  But JLCPCB has been cheaper and quicker, with no quality issues in my own experience.  I've not used either of these outfits for assembly, I do that here (but it's just prototype quantities.)

I have ordered from most Chinese companies, allpcb, jlcpb, pcbway etc but since I am in Greece I always have to choose between fast shipping time and import taxes or really slow shipping to avoid the extra costs. Last time I ordered from pcbart-assembly and I was more than happy with the quality/lead time/pricing.
Of course no one can beat Chinese prices.
Is there any list of European pcb factories with fast and cheap shipping?


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