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Sorry if this has been asked before and my searching was too shallow.

I'd like to get an idea how much it will be to get a single PCB made or if someone could recommend a suitable place to ask for a quote. I tried a couple but they were geared for larger production. This would be for a hobby project, not a production prototype. Probably smallish 100 x 100mm double-sided.

I'm in the UK but could order worldwide since this is lightweight.

I used to make my own ages ago, but never had great results. If professional services are not economically viable for small runs, what others do?


I've used PCBWay, they do a good job.  You need to supply them with the Gerber design files in mm units, they will take it from there.
A 2 layer 100mm square board should be just a few US $ each and the shipping will be more than that.  I think PCBWay will make 5 boards, minimum.
They have an on-line quote system, so you can see for yourself what it will cost.

You can use PCBShopper.com to compare prices from 19 different PCB manufacturers. Disclosure: I run PCBShopper.

- Bob Alexander


--- Quote ---board should be just a few US $ each and the shipping will be more than that.
--- End quote ---

Oh, yes. I used PCBShopper to compare. I don't know how the shipping rates are being determined, but they're mostly way more than I have paid to send larger, heavier items worldwide.

The PCBs are coming out at £3 to £14 for 5, but the shipping is £12 to £100.

I notice that many of the Chinese ones have low star rating (including PCBWay so maybe not too much emphasis should be put on it?). I might be better with the German https://aisler.net/ which is £4 per PCB, free shipping...

Anyway, thanks for the advice. I can see there are some good options here, and certainly better than DIY or Veroboard!!

Shipping costs are retrieved from the manufacturers' own web sites. Slow shipping can be cheap; fast shipping will cost you.

- Bob


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