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SMD and shaky hands - please help.

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I agree, getting a part onto a board with paste could be difficult.  With the method mentioned before, I can get the part approximately right, then push it around with the same needle I use for CA.

I also find hand and arm position are critical.  Sometimes, using one hand to steady the other helps.  Lots of workarounds, I am sure.  I use a head mounted magnifier too.

Some general tips:

* Lighting. You might think your workbench is well lit, it probably isn't. Make sure you have at least 1000 lux.
* Ergonomics. Watchmakers have dealt with miniscule parts for centuries, look how they sit at their workbench. The workbench should be almost at shoulder height, so your whole body and arms are stabilized, and all fine movement can come out of your wrists and fingers.
* Magnification. The finer visual feedback you have of your hand's position, the less it shakes. Get a decent head-mounted loupe, or even a stereo microscope.

Oh man that's one of the things I am afraid of happening in my retirement years D:

My old work had a hand assembly SMD/SMT jig, don't recall the exact model but it was something like the FRITSCH LM900
Idea is that you rest your arm next to the PCBs and then use the nozzle to pickup components from tape or the big central wheel. You could also rotate the components which was useful

Not sure if this could help? Also here it is in action, I know that the one we had was no where as fancy as this, just had the big wheel, tape dispenser and the vac nozzle

I second Gyro's point. I have medication induced shaking of the hands, and it's easier to handle that with magnification; so far I get along using a magnification lens implemented in my bench's working lamp only. The next most obvious step is a binocular.

I have the fine motor skills of a wet potato and it's fine under a binocular microscope.


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