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SMD and shaky hands - please help.

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SMD is the future and is nice when space is sparse, but when your hands are more geared toward making milkshakes than SMD, does it really get frustrating!!
I have tried to steady my hand on the other hand and on something study, and it helps a lot, but gets frustrating in the long run.
There is always the solution to sell my kidney and get a pick and place machine ($2000 - $60,000) but to be honest is that more than all my gear in my entire lab costs, combined.
Isn't there some cheaper solution, maybe even to 1206 and 0204 components?

For 2-lead components, I use a microdot of medium (or old thin) CA adhesive.  That gives plenty of time to adjust.  Then press with a thin piece of piano wire as a spring and wait a little bit.  Once the CA is set, soldering is easy.  Some here think that is crazy, but it works and does not affect any of the device's electrical characteristics within measurable limits.  Soldering temps generally cause the CA to decompose.  It is never a problem to remove such components.

Sounds really great, may I please ask you to elaborate some more, I am not sure if I completely understand?

I stick to 0805. I use a little jig with a paper clip to push down on components. I put pen flux on first, tack one side, do the other side, then finish up the first side.

But how do you get the component from outside to the correct placement on the board? To me, is it like placing a dot on a random orbital sander:-)


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